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The day before the match with NK Maribor, Urartu FC captain Hakob Hakobyan answered journalists' questions․


- Hakob, you spent a rather busy season, and during the holidays you were in the national team. How do you feel and in what physical shape are you now?

- My physical shape is good, however, after the end of the championship I joined the national team, but after these matches I had time to rest. We had a good preparatory period with Urartu FC, but I will assess my physical form and the whole team as good.

- What do you think of your opponent, NK Maribor, does the fact that NK Maribor are a well-known club in Europe put additional pressure on you?

- Earlier we heard a lot about NK Maribor, watched their games. Of course, playing with such a team is not pressure, but motivation. As we said, we will try our best to overcome their obstacle.

- A number of players left the team, newcomers also appeared. What can you say about this, are there any problems with team playing?

- There are not many changes in the team, I would not say that there is a problem with team playing, because the main core of the team remains. I think we already understand each other well and play good football.

- What kind of football can we expect from Urartu FC in the match against NK Maribor?

- Expect complete dedication and great desire on the pitch.